Specialized courier services

In today's world of bank robberies and hijackings it is dangerous to transport valuable goods, documents and even cash. We are in the position to transport your valuables, goods or cash from one point to another by means of secure transport. Our men are armed and professionally trained to handle all matters expertly.

Armed Escorts and VIP Protection

Once again transporting valuables or goods up and down can be a risky business. We can provide armed escorts to accompany you or your drivers to and from any destination safely. If you require close personal protection we can assist you with professional personnel, who will protect you with their lives.

Vehicle and Personal tracking

Thanks to the latest technology we are now able to track staff, company vehicles and even family members 24 hr’s a day covertly. For those who wish to do it themselves we can provide a tailor made package deal. Yes you can purchase the tracking units and then monitor the movements of your subject yourself covertly.

SASSETA Accredited Security Training Grade D to A

Legislation now dictates that all security officers must be SASSETA trained and accredited. This is a good thing because all qualifications are now registered with SAQA on a national database. Gone are the day’s when scrupulous employers could defraud their employees out of a decent qualification. All security personnel are registered as professionals with SASSETA and PSIRA insuring that you the client will only employ qualified staffs who are screened by the SAPS and PSIRA before any registrations are approved. We encourage you to have your security staff trained with us in order for them to be in the position of protecting life and property with the utmost professionalism. In return you will have empowered your work force and you will rest assured that your life and property is in good hands.

Assessing and Moderating Services

Whether you wish to train your staff or whether you need to help them to obtain recognition for prior learning with SASSETA. You will have to make use of the services of an accredited assessor or moderator as part of the quality management system. We are able to both assess and moderate all POE’s before they are sent of to SASSETA for accreditation.

Security Guards

Safeguarding life and property is a serious business. You wouldn’t want a unprofessional criminal looking after your life and property. We are able to provide you with professionally trained and PSIRA registered security guards. Feel free to ask us for a quote.

CCTV Cameras, Beams and Alarm Systems

Every household or business needs one or more of the above. Whatever you require we can supply and even install. We only sell the top of the range products. All our products come with a manufacturers guarantee and after sales service. If you are not sure about your security needs we can provide you with on site surveys. Once we have completed the survey, we would be able to advise you on all your security needs.

Armed Response

Whether you have an alarm system or not, we can provide you with an armed response service 24 hours seven day’s a week, at your home or business.

Neighbourhood watch and armed patrols

Sometimes prevention is better that cure. Visible policing has proven to be an effective tool in the fight against crime. Upon request we will patrol your premises 24 hours a day or only when you go away from home or the office for a short space of time (Special Patrols). We have arrested many wanted criminals during the course of our patrols and prevented serious crimes.