De-Bugging services and Counter Espionage

We are all familiar with the James Bond movies. Yes I too was surprised to see all the modern spy gadgets that were being used to gather information with. Believe it or not your opposition might be using those very same gadgets to spy on your business or even your home. Today more than ever, everyone is at risk of being spied on. We are able to assist you by means of de-bugging your home or business on a regular basis in order to prevent you from losing valuable information that the opposition might use against you. Furthermore we can help you to implement preventative measures that will make it even more difficult for you to become a victim of industrial espionage. Finally we are also in the position to supply our clients with the latest state of the art listening devices and cameras for use in rooms and on telephone lines.

Pre- Employment and Pre- Marital screening

Gone are the day’s when everything was what it seemed to be. We live in a real world and in this world we have sharks that are out to get you one way or the other. These are professional con artists who would without even blinking an eye con you out of everything that you own. Marriage is only a small sacrifice to be made in a big scam. Many have learned to trust their instincts and to employ our services just to confirm their suspicions. Good thing they did because the few rand that they spent with us to check out their spouse to be, is nothing when compare to what they stood to loose in the long run. Money spent on pre- employment checks have also proven to be worth it. Prevention is better than cure. Even just a superficial investigation could save you from making the worse decision of your life. Once employed in your service it would be almost impossible to get rid of a potential threat within the company and in the long run you will stand to lose a lot of money or even everything that you have. To some it has become standard practice to check others out first before making any decisions.

Verification Services

Crime is rampant and criminals will stop at nothing in order to infiltrate your business. They will employ every means possible to achieve their goals. Even if it means forging university certificates, degrees, drivers licenses, birth certificates etc. Unless all qualifications are checked and verified you will never know whether the person working for you has the right qualification for the job. Even worse you may stand to loose a lot of revenue due to your lack of interest in the above. Please consider very carefully before you employ someone.

Moving or static Surveillance

Due to the nature of some crimes, be it civil or criminal, it may become necessary to place a suspect or suspects under surveillance for some time in order for us to gather evidence. This can be done by means of moving or static surveillance. The approach we will need to use will only become evident once each matter is undertaken. Rest assured that these types of investigations do healed useful evidence. During the course of such investigations we will take photos, follow the suspect or suspects around and infiltrate certain areas in order for us to gather the evidence required in order for you to prove your case.

Undercover Investigations and Store Detectives

Sometimes even after implementing the best security measures we find ourselves at a total loss with regards to theft and other crimes in the workplace. We can provide you with trained undercover operatives, who will merge with staff and extract and gather valuable information about theft or other matters in your company. This information is then passed onto you the client. When arrests are made we will make sure that the perpetrators are brought to book.

The Tracing of Missing Persons

Whether you are looking for a long lost friend, relative or debtor, we are able to help you find that person. With years of experience in this field combined with the latest databases available to us, we can find almost anyone anywhere at any time.

Fraud and Theft Investigations

These two crimes are most certainly on the increase. Some people will stop at nothing to defraud you. We are able to successfully investigate and prevent crimes of this nature. Years of experience has taught us to handle these matters with the utmost professionalism. The biggest theft case investigated by us was that of the theft of a R45000 000.00 (Four and a half million rand) Transformer.. The matter was undertaken six months after the transformer was stolen and the transformer was found within two day’s after we had received the instruction from our client.

Financial Investigations

Whether you wish to employ someone or just want to check whether someone is financially in the position to do business with you. This type of investigation will most certainly be worth every rand that you spend with us. Sometimes someone owes you money and you need to find out whether it would be worth pursuing a legal battle in order to attach goods. It is better to spend a few rand than to spend a small fortune to try and recover money that you won’t get.